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Life As A Car Guy, Interlude 3: A Love Letter to the Fast & Furious Movies

Before I begin, I want to extend my heartfelt thanks to Paul Walker – God rest his soul – not only for portraying characters in films that have been a part of my life (the Fast and the Furious movies, Pleasantville, Varsity Blues), but for his generosity and humanitarian efforts through the organization Reach Out […]

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Life As A Car Guy, Interlude 2: The Petrolhead YouTube Hall of Fame

Here’s an idea I totally ripped off from my favorite sports blog, Grantland. I call this the Petrolhead YouTube Hall of Fame. Every so often, I’ll induct five new car-related videos I saw on YouTube that left an impression on me. There are, however, some ground rules: first, no videos of irresponsible driving in public […]

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